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At Serteco Technical Service we are specialized in the repair of household appliances and in the repair and maintenance of gas, diesel and pellet boilers of different brands. We have an official technical service for household appliances since 1965, carrying out first-class work, which has made our client portfolio wider every day.

Our team of professionals has the necessary experience to carry out any type of repair. In addition, we have original spare parts, which allows us to achieve excellent results and satisfy the needs of each of our clients.

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Are you looking for spare parts, accessories or items for your appliances? Visit our online store and discover a wide selection of quality products! We offer original spare parts, functional accessories and a variety of items for the home. Find everything you need to keep your appliances in perfect condition. Click and explore our store right now!


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We work with the utmost professionalism to guarantee you excellent products and services. 

Our main objective is to meet your expectations, which is why we precisely attend to each of your requirements.
Do not hesitate and contact us, at Serteco Technical Service we will be happy to assist you and give you the most complete advice.

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